So here’s the general idea of the 13 days we have planned out. No doubt they’ll be a few alterations on the way but hopefully nothing major.

Andy and Paul mapped all of this using the very handy website. In terms of road selection we basically just tried to avoid A roads at all cost unless absolutely necessary (like in Scotland and Cornwall)

Now we didn’t go into to much research in the choice of roads so here’s hoping for no fords and fingers crossed for zero road closures…not looking forward to any 20 mile diversions.

You can download the GPX details of all the days from using the links below. Once you get onto the link just click download GPX on the left hand side of the page. 

DAY 1: Sunday 16/09/2012

Hoping a high level of excitment and adrenalin is going to get us through day one. 62.5 miles and 4,119 feet of climbing to ease us into the ride. We heard only bad things about A30 so have missed that all together. Current thinking is that fish and chips in Padstow will be a good shout for tea.

Download the GPX file for Day 1

DAY 2: Monday 17/09/2012

So on the second day we travel from Wadebridge to Barnstaple taking in the lovely seaside of Bude for an icecream. Quite a lot of coast on day 2 so we’re expecting a fair bit of wind. 63 miles and 5,024 feet of climbing.

Download the GPX file for Day 2

DAY 3: Tuesday 18/09/2012

The third day is not one we’re looking forward to! Basically a lot of climbing into Exmore at the start of the ride when our bodies will be asking us why we’re cycling again. Here’s hoping the views will be worth it and our legs hold up! 63 miles and 5,005 feet of climbing.

Download the GPX file for Day 3

DAY 4: Wednesday 19/09/2012

Day 4 is when the miles start to ramp up; 84 miles and 4,698 feet of climbing. There’s plenty to keep us interested though! Over Brunel’s Clifton suspension bridge into Bristol, over the Severn Bridge and then up the Wye Valley into Hereford.

Download the GPX file for Day 4

DAY 5: Thursday 20/09/2012

Right day 5 sees us leaving Hereford and heading up to Nantwich. 84 miles today as well which should hopefully be fine as its a lot flatter than the previous days; only 3,117 feet of climbing.

Download the GPX file for Day 5

DAY 6: Friday 21/09/2012

Day 6 is probably going to be our busiest day traffic wise. Round Manchester and then up through Chorley onto the A6 which will be our companion for the next 2 days or so. Again a flat day at 2,346 feet of climbing and another 81 miles done and dusted.

Download the GPX file for Day 6

DAY 7: Saturday 22/09/2012

From Lancaster we head into the Lake District; continuing on the A6. Over Shap and through Penrith before finishing the 67 miles and 3,128 feet of climbing just out side Carlisle.

Download the GPX file for Day 7

DAY 8: Sunday 23/09/2012

Our longest day, at 89 miles, starts by heading northwest from Carlsile and out towards the Ayreshire coast. We are staying in a little place called Cumnock just south of Kilmarnock. 3,351 feet of climbing today.

Download the GPX file for Day 8

DAY 9: Monday 24/09/2012

We head pretty much straight north, just dip into Glasgow and then it over the Erskine bridge and onto the A82. From there we finish the days 69 miles on the shore of Loch Lomond. 3,095 feet of climbing.

Download the GPX file for Day 9

DAY 10: Tuesday 25/09/2012

This should be a great day with some stunning scenary. From Loch Lomond we stay on the A82 all the through the valleys and over the hills to Eort William. 68 miles and 3,354 feet of climbing.

Download the GPX file for Day 10

DAY 11: Wednesday 26/09/2012

Day 11 is pretty much cycling the length of Loch Ness and then a bit of a climb at the end up to Dingwall where we are staying. 72 miles and 3,907 feet of climbing.

Download the GPX file for Day 11

DAY 12: Thursday 27/09/2012

The shortest day at a mere 55 miles. Not many places up the coast to stay so we were limited on mileage and to be honest a short day will no doubt be most welcome by here. 3,011 feet of climbing.

Download the GPX file for Day 12

DAY 13: Friday 28/09/2012

The Last Day! 66 miles to the top of the UK with 3,602 feet of climbing. Not sure there’s much else to say apart from the fact that we’ll be having a few well earned beers at the end.

Download the GPX file for Day 13

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