Cycling Jersey’s all sorted

Our cycling tops have now finally been ordered. bit of back and forward on the design but can’t fault the guys at the owayo… the tops looking amazing. should be with us on the 13th of Sept so a little tight on the time frames

Knee seems to be doing OK so i’m feeling pretty good at the moment…



up and cycling…

Right then time to get this blog fully up and running!

80 mile training ride with the full team yesterday. Nottingham to Rutland Water and back…with a full load (apart from Hendo who still hasn’t sorted his kit out)

went pretty well.. jam sandwiches worked a treat for energy – non of this scientific isotonic stuff… the plan of buying a loaf of bread and a jar of jam between us every night looks like a goer.

only major concern is that I seem to have tweaked something in my right knee. when it twists a bit and has a bit of pressure on it i get shooting pains up the side of my leg. I went out this morning and did about 7 miles and it felt just OK. I’ve got a Physio appointment on Thursday so here’s hoping everything is ok…it had better be.

right time to sort out sponsorship!