up and cycling…

Right then time to get this blog fully up and running!

80 mile training ride with the full team yesterday. Nottingham to Rutland Water and back…with a full load (apart from Hendo who still hasn’t sorted his kit out)

went pretty well.. jam sandwiches worked a treat for energy – non of this scientific isotonic stuff… the plan of buying a loaf of bread and a jar of jam between us every night looks like a goer.

only major concern is that I seem to have tweaked something in my right knee. when it twists a bit and has a bit of pressure on it i get shooting pains up the side of my leg. I went out this morning and did about 7 miles and it felt just OK. I’ve got a Physio appointment on Thursday so here’s hoping everything is ok…it had better be.

right time to sort out sponsorship!



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