Day 1

So how to sum up day one, Paul’s just had an ice bath, Mark’s already in bed and i’m struggling to put a sentence together.

The day started for us, as it appears, like for many others starting out on this ridiculous adventure: a photo in front of the sign, the signing of the guest book and an emotional farewell.

From landsend we dipped into Penzance fueled by adrenalin and various energy supplements (snickers, mars bars, peanuts etc).

Trying to avoid the various A roads, the route took us through some stunning Cornish villages (and Redruth), winding through country lanes, up and down and up again.. And down again.. And up again.. the clear disadvantage of the scenic route.

For the final leg of the day we opted for the less undulating A39, far less scenic but oh so less hilly.. Verdict for the day – a good intro to Cornwall followed by a well earned burger and pint.


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