Day 2

So lack of phone coverage and longer rides than anticipated have impacted the blog updates a little.

Day 2 was a bit of a mixed day. Some amazing scenery and a couple really nice stops in Tintagel, for a spot of afternoon tea, and then Bude for lunch.

The hills were immense – we climbed a total of 5,000ft, even though we ended up changing the route to try and avoid hills. The highlight of the hills, if you could call it that, was a 20% decent followed by about an 18% up hill. Need less to say we were all pushing by the top.

It would appear that avoiding the traffic on the A roads really does mean that you do all the hills in the county.

We arrived in to Barnstaple way behind schedule at about 6.30. A quick turn around and then into the town centre for dinner at the aptly named ‘The Panniers’ for steak to help with recovery.

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